Teaching and Learning Life Science using Current Resources

According to David Johnston CFO, various parts of the human body will be covered in a life science lesson. The nervous system is an important aspect of the body that mediates interactions between various bodily sections. Students will learn how to track energy flows within an ecosystem and determine where it comes from (sun, wind, […]

How to Become a Startup’s Fractional CFO

You may be asking how to become a fractional CFO if you need CFO services for your small firm. It’s not the same as hiring a consultant or freelancer. Instead of hiring a full-time CFO, hire a fractional CFO that specializes in your industry and has expertise developing businesses of comparable size. Additionally, ensure that […]

Fractional CFOs Work With the Best Companies and Startups Near Me

According to David Johnston CFO, a fractional CFO works as an independent contractor and splits his or her time between a variety of companies. While part-time CFOs will not divert needed CFO resources to one company, they may have to spend more time on a specific project than a full-time CFO. Some fractional CFO companies […]

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